Lucinda Cross
I Will Show You How To:
  • One: Identify and market your signature message.
  • Two: Monetize your message and get booked.
  • Three: Create a lane of your own and get noticed. 
3 Day Training Webinar Reveals...
How to Be a Dope Speaker.
It doesn't matter if you are a life coach, a lifeguard, a Salsa dance instructor, a web designer, or a seasoned professional, articulating your "secret sauce" or signature message to magnetize your brand and business is essential.
** Plus - Get A FREE 15 minute "One Mic" Speaker Training Consultation Just For Registering For The 3 Day Webinar Today!
3 Day Webinar Training with Lucinda
This 3 Day Webinar is the foundation in which Activate was birthed out of, and that is why I’m hosting this one time only, tell all workshop next month.

Lucinda Cross, Chief Activator

Lucinda Cross is a best-selling author, internationally known speaker, TV personality, and energetic teacher of personal and professional development. 
Are you ready to speak your truth and stand in your power
  • ...doing it so you don't sound like, look like and seem like everyone else? 
  • That's the key. 
  • But this is where I come in handy, with my free to fee, from getting dressed in an airport and Amtrak bathrooms to having green rooms and suites. From nervous butterflies and gas bubbles in my stomach, to fire in my shoes filled with excitement to grab the mic and activate lives.  
  • Just this past month I made over 25k working with colleges, Corporate contracts, Community affairs and youth development centers, sharing my message, my passion and providing amazing content in several sectors. 
  • My method is all about coming up with a creative way to position my brand to appeal to untapped markets and promote my message as an outcome and experience.   
  • Consider: 
  • - Your story, your craft, and your expertise
  • - What your clients REALLY want and what your platform represents
  • - What the outcome, results, and experience is
  • *This event is for you… *
  •   If you are looking to get into the public speaking field and clueless on where to start.  
  •  If you want to know the do's and don'ts, what to avoid and the secrets most speakers won't dare to share. 
  •  If you are wondering how to get paid speaking opportunities as well as how to maximize the free opportunities. 
  •  If you are wondering how to market your message and how to create your unique position in the speaking industry. 
  •  If you are looking to learn some quick tips to rock any stage, anytime without having a panic attack.  
  •  If you are looking to use these skills to enhance your already thriving business or career and just need some pointers on how to work the room. 
  • I am here to support you.
  • You are going to learn the answers to these questions and more.
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LIVE With Lucinda Cross

Host of the Activate Conference Experience

Classes will be recorded

"I see you standing on the stage, I see the line of people waiting to greet you after your presentation. I see the young woman in the corner who was ready to give up but because of your message, she decided to give life another chance. I see the checks coming into your account and the 1st Class flights. I see your name on the agenda next to some of America's dopest messengers and experts. Get ready, because you're up next? "
Here Are 3 of 40+ Secrets You'll Learn!
"How to get seen, heard, booked and paid. "
"How to captivate the room and engage your audience with edge and confidence."
"How to get media to endorse your message and position you as the "go-to" expert in your industry."
  •  Tues. May 16th- 18th, 2017
  •  Time: 9-pm Est. 
  •  Location: Any Meeting Webinar 
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  •  All sessions are recorded
  •  Access to prep work and assignments
  •  Access to digital library and more
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